Our expertise

Context mapping
Based on the needs of collaborators, we locate, analyze, and establish connections within data evidence sourced from document and experimental repositories, expediting discoveries in fields such as drug development, disease research and personalized medicine.
We develop methodologies to test the validity of putative biomarkers and are experienced at troubleshooting challenging workflows.
Data driven decision making
We work to avoid common pitfalls for target selection by in-depth data profiling and bioinformatic analysis of mass spectrometry-based protein identifications and post translational modifications.
Assay Development
We offer unbiased LC-MS/MS assay development targeted to specific needs.
Quality Assurance
We evaluate data from existing methods and identify possible improvements.
Workflow Development
We offer advice and support the development of new workflows and selection of equipment in addition to the automation of existing processes

Commitment to sustainability

We work to reduce the environmental impact of lab work through measures such as:

  • Miniturization
  • Solvent and material selections
  • Waste recycling
  • Carbon mitigation
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